perjantai 12. huhtikuuta 2013

Red and Orange mixed turns Yellow

Good morning beanies. TGIF and #yolo#fish#swag
Gonna watch my facebook picture trying to get likes, and drink pepsi max. Peace

/Makro Bean

One Nucleus, Many Nuclei

Poems that rhyme and
are strategically timed
frustrate the hell out of me

I long for the wit
that would make me emit
on the page, writing clever and free

With words that make sense
when I try to commence
to describe the sky or sea

I hope to be blessed
with the poetical zest
to make my rhyming agree

Or the lyrical grace
to help me encase
the symptoms of human ennui

But I know in my heart
though I be smart,
that rhyming just isn’t for me

For this poem couldn’t be made
without the helpful aid
of a rhyming dictionary

/Tender Bean (I'm a Bean okay? fine, here, have an Aquamanatee)

Cashew, those are nuts

/Makro Bean

torstai 11. huhtikuuta 2013

George Bush was left-handed

Helloo my dearest deer

I just wanted to make my blog-post debut as well now, so I will grant you a picture of a potato

/Tender Bean (Still not a potato)

Angry Tomato Is Watching You

 A few 3D gifs to start my blogging over here. The 3D effect made with only a couple of lines, cool beans.

Hoping this blog'll spiral into something awesome, my best wishes to you
/Makro Bean